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Safebridge Competence Assessment Tool (CAT)

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Assessment Portfolio

CAT-3S (Soft Skills for Seafarers)

CAT-3S offers insights into the non-technical “soft skills” of officers onboard. The assessment covers three clusters of skills identified to be critical for performance onboard:

Coping under pressure

Interpersonal skills

Additionally, it conducts an attitude check and informs on the hazardous attitudes and the social desirability tendencies of the assessed individuals. CAT-3S is particularly suitable for screening employees on a large scale to establish competence gaps and overall pattern of performance within the company. It can also be used to assess individuals to establish if their competences are at the level desired by the company for recruitment and career development.

CAT-CSS (Cognitive Skills for Seafares)

CAT-CSS seeks to measure the cognitive skills of the crews onboard. The assessment constitutes of a series of tests addressing the key cognitive functions that underlay the successful performance onboard: how the surrounding environment is perceived, processed and acted upon.

Each test result provides information about performance speed and accuracy as well as choice behaviour.

CAT-CSS is especially suited for selecting individuals with high potential to acquire job knowledge, to benefit from training and to perform well in a complex work environment.

My Story

Tanker Fleet Owner

“I want to implement TMSA best practice guidance on selection of crew members to make sure my crew and my cargo are safe.”

HR Manager

“Staff appraisals are too often distorted by personal liking and conflicts to be trusted.”

Manning Agency Director

“Due to the strong competition in the manning industry, I must prove that we use the most reliable selection procedures for our client´s crews.”

Head of Career Center

“Providing opportunities to cadets to develop technical skills will always be of great importance. With changes in the regulations, today their soft skills are also in the spotlight, so we have to proceed to action.”

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