My Story

My Story describes the needs and the recruiting cases from the different perspectives and work fields. CAT wants to solve as many complex issues with the recruiting process as possible to simplify and ease these procedures. Below you can check out the case of a Tanker Fleet Owner, a HR Manager, a Manning Agency Director and a Head of Career Center. Do you agree? Do you have similiar experience? We are curious and would be very thankful if you could tell us your own individual story and support the improvement of our competence assessments.

Tanker Fleet Owner

“I want to implement TMSA best practice guidance on selection of crew members to make sure my crew and my cargo are safe.”

HR Manager

“Staff appraisals are too often distorted by personal liking and conflicts to be trusted.”

Manning Agency Director

“Due to the strong competition in the manning industry, I must prove that we use the most reliable selection procedures for our client´s crews.”

Head of Career Center

“Providing opportunities to cadets to develop technical skills will always be of great importance. With changes in the regulations, today their soft skills are also in the spotlight, so we have to proceed to action.”