Story of Charles Paine

33 years old
Head of career centre
Charles Paine

33 years old, in charge of a career center at a maritime academy in London, UK. His responsibility is to ensure that the cadets in the academy are on the right track of career development and possess all necessary skills to perform their responsibilities onboard. While the academy provides rich opportunities to cadets to develop their technical skills and knowledge, the assessment and training of soft skills like leadership, assertiveness and teamwork was underappreciated. With the recent Manila amendments to the STCW code, the academy decided to launch a more systematic approach and assess the soft skills of each cadet, combined with follow-up coaching to increase their competences. For some time, Charles was evaluating different tools available to identify the ones that are relevant to the marine industry, have good psychometric properties and allows sufficient customisation to reflect the academy‘s striving to excel in its field.

Charles found CAT to be an excellent tool, as it was developed based on the most current industry needs. Additionally, information on its psychometric properties is available and the academy can set their own passing scores to reflect the excellence of the training they are looking to achieve. Based on the detailed feedback, well-targeted interventions can be planned, improving efficiency and minimising waste of resources.


With the recent Manila amendments to the STCW code the demand for assessments on soft skills for chief officers has increased.


The assessment tool must be relevant to the marine industry and customisable to reflect the academy´s striving to excel in specific fields.


CAT is a tool based on the most current industry needs and information on psychometric properties is available.


The academy can set their very own passing score to reflect the excellence of the training they are looking to achieve.

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