Story of Ana Maria Reid

37 years old
HR manager
Ana Maria Reid

37 years old, currently working as a HR manager in a ship management company based in Limassol, Cyprus. One of her most important responsibilities is to ensure that the quarterly appraisal of each crew member is carried out as objectively as possible to allow her to make fact-based decisions about re-employment or dismissal. However, the senior officers and the chief officers must be trained continuously to ensure that they share the understanding of the characteristics they are assessing and the criteria they are using. Yet, she often receives appraisals that are distorted because of the personal relationships within the crew. Receiving objective measures of the soft skills of the crews is particularly challenging as marks are often based on the most recent impression of those who assess them, not the overall performance of the individual. This creates challenges for the company to ensure the ship is appropriately manned in line with the ISM Code.

Ana was pleased to start using CAT as it helped her obtain a more impartial understanding of how the crew members are doing. It also saved time and resources to compile and analyse the results as the system is online and fully automatic, so the output of the appraisals is available immediately for her to review. Most importantly, using CAT is a step towards better compliance with the mandatory maritime regulations.


Continous training for the test takers needed to ensure quality of the results.


Objectivity not always granted due to personal relationships.


Instead of overall performance, most recent impressions are taken into account.


The entire process from managing assessments to generating reports is implemented via fully automatised unified platform.


The assessment reduces bias and includes fairness of results by providing standardised experince and access to aids like instructions and glossary.


Companies are able to base their decisions on the best available data to support full compliance with ISM.

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