Story of Darren Male

40 years old
Manning agency director
Darren Male

40-years old director of a manning agency based in Manila, Philippines. In recent years, competition in the industry has intensified. A lot of manning agencies were founded and companies became more and more demanding on the selection procedures for crew members. He was receiving many requests for information on the soft skills of the potential officers. He was using some off-the-shelf tools, however, they were not comprehensive enough to assess the specific array of soft skills that marine officers must possess.

Moreover, a manning agency must ensure that it complies with the organizational and operational guidelines set in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006), in order to be licenced as such. These guidelines, among others, include the responsibility to verify that seafarers, recruited or placed by them, are qualified. Another issue is the need to ensure that the privacy and security of the personal data of the seafarers is protected.

When he started using CAT, he felt confident that his clients appreciated the robustness of the assessment and that his manning agency is complying with the guidelines outlined in MLC.


It is required to demonstrate that the selection procedures are relevant to performance onboard.


Some assessment tools struggle to ensure that the privacy and security of the seafarer´s data is protected and secured in line with MLC.


With CAT you can prove that the skills assessed are the skills needed, if you are to hire a high-performing crew.


With CAT, you can be sure that you comply to the strictest standards of data protection.

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