Story of Adam Sum

55 years old
Tanker fleet owner
Adam Sum

55 years old, owns a small tanker fleet based in Singapore. Because of struggles with compliance issues, recently he decided to implement the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) programme, in order to improve the safety management system of his company. To implement the best practice guidance on selection of officers and ratings, he wanted to run a psychometric assessment of all his crew members. He was looking for an assessment tool that could be performed online without a trained assessor as his crews are spread around the world across different time zones. Moreover, he was willing to receive results, which will allow him to compare the performance of his teams against an industry-specific benchmark to identify and address the gaps of skills. One specific concern he had was the soft skills of his crews after a major incident with a technically qualified crew that failed to perform adequately under pressure, leading to a loss of two human lives and significant cargo.

Adam finds CAT to satisfy his requirements, as it offers anywhere, anytime assessment of numerous crew members and reports that are based on up-to-date industry-specific norms. The tool allows him to get a better understanding of the competences of his crew – thus by taking preventive measures fatal accidents are avoided.


Crews are often spread around the world, so it is expensive to hold assessments with a qualified trainer at one place.


Major incidents and cargo loss even with technically qualified crews.


The gaps of skills are hard to identify because of lack of up-to-date industry benchmarks.


The CAT assessment can be performed online without a trained assessor by single crew members which allows more flexibility and cost saving.


With CAT you can get a better understanding of the crew’s soft skills before fatal accidents happen in order to avoid them by taking preventive measures.


CAT allows you to compare the performance of your team against up-to-date industry specific benchmarks to identify and address gaps of skills.

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